Emergency Root Canal Therapy

Emergency Root Canal Therapy in Santa Rosa

tooth model and emergency kit illustrationEveryone is subject to facing a dental emergency, no matter how good your oral hygiene. At these times, immediate care is required to help you avoid future complications. If you are experiencing tooth decay, trauma from an accident, or an infection, you may require an emergency root canal treatment.

At Wine Country Root Canal, our endodontist, Dr. Craig Anderson, is an expert at handling dental emergencies and relieving tooth pain. We are available for same-day emergency appointments and always make time for you. If you reside in Santa Rosa or the surrounding neighborhoods and need urgent dental care for tooth pain, reach out to our practice to schedule your appointment.


Emergency Root Canal Therapy for a Pain-Free Smile

woman getting dental treatmentAcute dental pain could result from severe tooth damage that extends inside the tooth to the pulp. In such cases, an emergency RCT can be highly effective. This procedure will remove the damaged tissue to stop the disease from spreading. An emergency root canal has three goals: Relieve your pain, remove the infected pulp from the tooth, and restore the tooth with a crown or other dental restorations. It may involve more than one visit to our practice based on your specific case.

If you come in for an emergency appointment, Dr. Anderson will first perform a thorough exam and diagnose the problem. He will then give you honest recommendations for the best results. Whether you need an immediate root canal treatment or not will depend on your specific situation. In some cases, antibiotics may be needed to reduce the inflammation before an RCT can be performed.

Signs You May Need an Emergency Root Canal Treatment

If you are experiencing pain or any alarming dental symptoms, we are experienced in identifying signs of inflammation and diagnosing the proper treatment for your case. Indicators we look for include:

  • Intolerable Pain: When the pain is unbearable, it prompts you to get emergency dental care. The pain resulting from a severely infected tooth is nothing like a regular toothache. It persists, and it becomes impossible for you to focus on a task or get any sleep. Our endodontist is ready to give you the immediate relief you need. If we find that you need an emergency root canal, we are happy to perform it.
  • Discharge: If fluid is coming out of the area around a tooth, it means it is badly infected and needs emergency care. During the early stages of inflammation, a tooth can be easily treated. Waiting too long to treat it may lead to tooth loss or the spread of inflammation to other areas of the body through the bloodstream. If our endodontist discovers you cannot wait any longer, he will perform an emergency root canal to save the tooth.
  • Tooth Discoloration: A discolored tooth may signal the presence of damage to the nerves. If it is also painful or sensitive to hot and cold drinks, this could be an infection that needs root canal therapy to save the tooth. It is always a good idea to ensure your teeth are checked before more severe issues occur.
  • Injured Tooth: If trauma caused your tooth to become severely damaged, it might require an emergency root canal to save it from falling out. If the damage reaches the tooth pulp, you will typically experience discomfort if anything touches it.

Does RCT Hurt?

Root canal treatment is done to alleviate your pain and is similar to receiving a filling. The infected tooth is the reason behind your pain. During an RCT, our endodontist will use local anesthesia to numb your tooth and gums, so you are at ease during the procedure.

Tips to Avoid Dental Infection in the Future

Our dental team recommends you follow these tips to avoid dental damage in the future:

  • Floss at least once everyday day
  • Increase your water intake
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day
  • If you like chewing gum, choose sugar-free
  • Use a mouthguard when you play sports
  • Have a professional cleaning every six months
  • Reduce sugar consumption, especially surgery drinks

Emergency Root Canals & Tooth Pain Relief for Santa Rosa Residents

Dr. Craig Anderson has years of experience in managing and relieving pain. He is passionate about helping you enjoy healthy, pain-free smiles. At Wine Country Root Canal, our compassionate team understands how painful a toothache can get and we are always ready to help. We proudly serve the Santa Rosa community and all nearby locations. Call us today to schedule your emergency visit.


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