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Efficient Root Canal Retreatment in Santa Rosa

smiling african american womanTeeth that have undergone root canal treatment may last a lifetime with proper care. However, in certain situations, the treated tooth may require retreatment. If your tooth develops new problems or fails to heal, you may need an additional procedure to save your natural tooth structure.

At Wine Country Root Canal, we are ready to help relieve your pain. Backed by experience and talent, our endodontist, Dr. Craig Anderson, enjoys protecting beautiful, healthy smiles. Our compassionate team happily serves Santa Rosa and the surrounding communities. We also offer emergency root canal retreatment. Call us today and schedule your visit.


Why You May Need a Retreatment

When an original root canal is done, the endodontist makes a hole in the top of the tooth to extract all nerve tissues and bacteria from the canals. The canals are then cleaned and sealed to prevent bacteria from entering the tooth.

Sometimes the canal can get reinfected. The inflammation may occur near the root or in the crown where the restoration was placed. You will need to either have a root canal retreatment or an extraction. At Wine Country Root Canal, Dr. Anderson has a conservative approach and believes extractions should always be a last resort. Our team will help you keep as many healthy original teeth as possible.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal Retreatment

Tell-tale signs you may need a root canal retreatment include pain in a tooth that has previously had a root canal or, an abscess in the area.

Sometimes abscesses start small and without pain, so they remain unnoticed until the problem escalates. That is why keeping your regular dental visits every six months is vital to your oral health.

Reasons Your Tooth May Get Reinfected

young woman pointing at her smileThere is more than one reason your initial root canal therapy may unexpectedly fail. These reasons include:

  • Recontamination due to a cracked crown
  • Untreated narrow or curved canals during the original procedure
  • Delaying the placement of restoration after the procedure
  • New tooth decay

What Happens During a Root Canal Retreatment Procedure

A retreatment procedure involves removing the crown or other restoration to reach the root of the tooth. First, local anesthesia is used to numb the affected area and relieve any pain and discomfort. Then, the affected tooth is reopened, and the root canal filling is removed. Our team will thoroughly clean the canals and carefully examine the area using magnification and illumination to detect any other infection. Once cleaned, we fill the tooth with antibacterial material called gutta-percha and seal it with a crown or temporary filling.

How Many Appointments are Needed to Complete a Root Canal Retreatment?

In general, the whole treatment may take one to three visits. After the actual procedure, you will need to have the restoration placed. The final appointment is a follow-up visit to ensure the infection is gone and your tooth is permanently restored.

How Successful Is Root Canal Retreatment?

A root canal retreatment is a reasonably simple procedure. It has a high success rate among our patients and provides you with permanent results. After treatment, the tooth will not hurt, and it will function properly throughout your lifetime.

Root Canal Retreatment Post Procedure

After root canal retreatment, you may experience discomfort or tenderness for the next two or three days. Our recommendation is to avoid chewing on the affected area and gently rinse your mouth with warm salty water three to four times a day. You may also take anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin or ibuprofen to help relieve your symptoms.

How Much Does a Root Canal Retreatment Cost?

Based on the complexity of the procedure and the time needed, the cost of a root canal retreatment may vary. Back teeth like molars and premolars take longer, especially if they have extra long or unusually shaped canals.

You can expect the retreatment to cost more than the initial procedure since the restorations and filling must be removed before the actual procedure starts. In some cases, your insurance may cover the cost of your treatment.

Successful Root Canal Retreatment in Santa Rosa

At Wine Country Root Canal, Dr. Anderson has a gentle chairside manner and is dedicated to relieving your pain. We provide expert root canal retreatment to families in Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, Windsor, Rohnert Park, and Napa Valley. If you have pain or swelling in a tooth that has previously undergone a root canal treatment, don’t wait, contact us immediately Call us today to schedule your consultation!


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